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The peach fruit was first domesticated and cultivated in China. Alexander the Great brought it to Greece, through Persia and this is the reason it’ s first name was “Persian apple”. The peach fruit is a symbol of youth and immortality.

How to choose the best peaches

When it is cut open, the fruit can stay fresh for about 3 days without being refrigerated. A ripe peach is soft to the touch and has a nice smell. Hard peaches with no fragrance should be avoided.


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Nutritional value

Peaches are high in fiber, antioxidant molecules of all kinds and minerals. They contain an amount of vitamin C and its action is enhanced by the flavonoid pigments, especially in the yellow peaches and blood peaches.

Why it’s good for you

  • Assist Weight Management

  • Assist Kidney & Liver Function

  • Boost Immune System

  • Prevent Constipation

  • Help Prevent Cancer

  • Rich in Antioxidant

  • Strengthen Heart

  • Aid Digestion

  • Great for Skin & Vision

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