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Producer Organizations

Agricultural Cooperative “ASEPOP VELVENTOS

Agricultural Cooperative “ASEPOP VELVENTOS” ( is a cooperative that contributes to economic growth not only for the region of Velventos (in Kozani -Greece) but also for the greek economy in general.

It was established in 1917 and counts about 400 active members-producers who cultivate approximately 650 ha. It has managed to become well-known beyond the greek borders thanks to its excellent quality products and its modern cultivation methods. Its products, mainly the peaches, are sold all around Greece and are exported to Central and Eastern Europe.

Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria “AGIOS LOUKAS”

Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria “AGIOS LOUKAS” ( was officially established as a cooperative in 1991 and counts over 100 members and a cherry grove of over 110 ha.

It applies certified quality standards to cultivation and processing procedures. Its policy regarding cultivation, production, packaging and marketing is governed by principles that respect consumers, producers and the environment.

In 2007, the Cooperative was granted preliminary recognition as a Producer Organization with the designation P.O. “AGIOS LOUKAS” of Rachi Pieria and implemented a big investment plan for the expansion of its facilities that increased the Cooperative’s turnover and made the region popular.